Ogham is the earliest known form of writing in Ireland.

Sometimes referred to as Celtic Tree Alphabet, as a number of letters are linked to the names of Irish trees. Written from the bottom to the top or from left to right. Many standing stones have Ogham writing running up the face of the stone and down the opposite side.

There are about 360 Ogham stones in Ireland, and 60 of these stones are located in the Dingle Peninsula.

One of these stones was located at the Cashel Murphy monument on our family farm, and is now stored in the National Museum Of Ireland.

Some believe that the Ogham Alphabet dates back to the Tuatha Dé Danann [ancient tribe of God like beings who ruled Ireland from about 1897 bc till about 1700 bc according to legend] One of their gods was called Ogma and was the God of Irish mythology.

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